When your washing machine stops mid cycle and leaves water and your washing standing still, there are ways to drain out the water and also to get your washing out of the machine instead of waiting maybe 2 or 3 days before the repair man turns up, that is if the machine is insured and by then your cloths will be in a bad smelling state.

The first step to check is where the blockage of the washing machine lies Washer Repair Los Angeles, set the program to spin (this is indicated by the spiral sign) or drain only (this is a bucket with an arrow pointing down). Most appliances are plumbed under the sink unit, locate the drain hose and hold unto it, turn the machine ON, if the sink connection is blocked you will feel the drain hose expanding, remove the hose from the connection point and clear and gung, lime scale or fatty deposit, if not we take second action.

Listen out to the sound the washing machine makes. If the pump is blocked there will be a humming sound, now at this point since the machine is full of water and heavy, wiggle the machine out from under the worktop. Tip the washing machine backwards and wedge it under the worktop, put a bowl under the pump filter, unscrew the filter cap, drain out the water from the machine. Now put your finger deep into the pump, by now the machine should be turned OFF from the mains, we don’t want any accidents do we. Turn the pump impeller with your finger, this should turn freely, remove any objects blocking the impeller ie coins, hair clips, lime scales etc.

You will now have to refit the filter cap back on, make sure it is secured, we don’t want any water leak, turn the washing machine back ON, still on spin mode and we should have our washing machine back working again.