500+ Unique Squad Names to Make Your Team Stand Out

People like to play games in a squad, which shows teamwork and spirit. 

Do you have a group of best friends or college students? Or starting a squad? Do you want to name your group a cool, catchy name? 

In this article, I compiled over 500+ squad names. I cover good, cool, catchy Fortnite names. You can pick good ones that show your bonding with your squad.

I also included many names and ideas in this post. Let’s dive into finding squad names.

Military Squad Names

Alpha Team

Bravo Squad

Charlie Company

Delta Force

Echo Platoon

Foxtrot Unit

Golf Troop

Hotel Battalion

India Brigade

Juliet Division

Kilo Group

Lima Team

Mike Squad

November Company

Oscar Force

Papa Platoon

Quebec Unit

Romeo Troop

Sierra Battalion

Tango Brigade

Uniform Division

Victor Group

Whiskey Team

X-Ray Squad

Yankee Company

Zulu Force

Black Ops

Red Team

Blue Team

Green Team

Gold Team

Silver Team

Bronze Team

Steel Team

Iron Team

Copper Team

Titanium Team

Platinum Team

Diamond Team

Emerald Team

Ruby Team

Sapphire Team

Pearl Team

Jade Team

Quartz Team

Onyx Team

Topaz Team

Amber Team

Coral Team

Turquoise Team

Wolf Pack

Eagle Eye

Cobra Strike

Panther Claw

Lion Heart

Tiger Fury

Bear Hug

Shark Bite

Dolphin Wave

Whale Song

Dragon Fire

Phoenix Rise

Griffin Wing

Unicorn Horn

Pegasus Flight

Hydra Head

Kraken Tentacle

Minotaur Horn

Cyclops Eye

Medusa Gaze

Cerberus Bark


























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Cool Squad Names

The Fireworks

The Sparklers

The Rockets

The Stars

The Glitters

The Shimmers

The Glow

The Radiance

The Shine

The Flashy

The Cool Cats

The Hot Dogs

The Chill Pills

The Ice Breakers

The Snowflakes

The Frosty

The Breezy

The Zephyr

The Fresh

The Minty

The Rockers

The Rollers

The Rappers

The Hip Hop

The Pop

The Jazz

The Blues

The Reggae

The Ska

The Punk

The Squad Goals

The Dream Chasers

The Visionaries

The Innovators

The Creators

The Makers

The Builders

The Shapers

The Leaders

The Influencers

The Superheroes

The Villains

The Antiheroes

The Sidekicks

The Allies

The Enemies

The Rivals

The Foes

The Friends

The Frenemies

The Royals

The Rebels

The Nobles

The Peasants

The Knights

The Dragons

The Wizards

The Witches

The Elves

The Dwarves

The Ninjas

The Samurai

The Pirates

The Vikings

The Cowboys

The Aliens

The Zombies

The Vampires

The Werewolves

The Ghosts

The Angels

The Demons

The Goddesses

The Titans

The Giants

The Monsters

The Beasts

The Animals

The Pets

The Flowers

The Fruits

The Vegetables

The Nuts

The Spices

The Herbs

The Colors

The Shapes

The Numbers

The Letters

The Symbols

The Signs

The Elements

Good Squad Names

The Warriors

The Fighters

The Soldiers

The Defenders

The Protectors

The Guardians

The Rescuers

The Saviors

The Heroes

The Champions

The Winners

The Victors

The Conquerors

The Dominators

The Rulers

The Masters

The Bosses

The Leaders

The Captains

The Commanders

The Avengers

The Justice

The Honor

The Valor

The Glory

The Pride

The Courage

The Brave

The Bold

The Fearless

The Loyal

The Faithful

The Trustworthy

The Reliable

The Dependable

The Supportive

The Helpful

The Friendly

The Kind

The Generous

The Smart

The Wise

The Clever

The Intelligent

The Knowledgeable

The Skillful

The Talented

The Creative

The Innovative

The Original

The Fun

The Funny

The Humorous

The Witty

The Entertaining

The Enjoyable

The Cool

The Awesome

The Amazing

The Fantastic

The Wonderful

The Marvelous

The Incredible

The Spectacular

The Fabulous

The Super

The Great

The Good

The Nice

The Sweet

The Cute

The Adorable

The Charming

The Lovely

The Beautiful

The Handsome

The Gorgeous

The Stunning

The Attractive

The Stylish

The Fashionable

The Trendy

The Chic

The Classy

The Elegant

The Graceful

The Smooth

The Slick

The Sleek

The Polished

The Perfect

The Flawless

The Ideal

The Dream

The Ultimate

The Best

The Top

The Number One

Funny Squad Names

The Laughing Stock

The Giggle Gang

The Chuckle Buddies

The Jokesters

The Prank Patrol

The Comedy Central

The Humor Hub

The LOL Squad

The ROFL Crew

The Penny People

The Witty Ones

The Sarcasm Society

The Irony Club

The Parody Party

The Meme Team

The Gag Reel

The Punch Line

The Funny Bone

The Hilarious Heroes

The Good Vibes

The Happy Campers

The Cheer Leaders

The Joy Riders

The Smile Makers

The Sunshine Squad

The Positive Pals

The Optimistic Ones

The Grateful Group

The Blissful Bunch

The Good Fellas

The Good Eggs

The Good Sports

The Good Samaritans

The Good Neighbors

The Good Company

The Good News

The Good Times

The Good Luck

The Good Life

The Goodies

The Baddies

The Naughty List

The Trouble Shooters

The Risk Takers

The Rule Breakers

The Rebels with a Cause

The Bad to the Bone

The Bad Boys

The Bad Girls

The Bad Asses

The Good Bad and Ugly

The Nerd Herd

The Geek Squad

The Brainiacs

The Smart Cookies

The Bookworms

The Know It Alls

The Quiz Masters

The Trivia Team

The Nerdy Birds

The Cool Nerds

The Revenge of the Nerds

The Snack Pack

The Foodies

The Hungry Hippos

The Munch Bunch

The Crunch Crew

The Bite Me Squad

The Yum Yum Team

The Snack Attack

The Snack Tactics Four

The Dream Team

Squad Names Ideas

The Dream Team

The A-Team

The Super Squad

The Fantastic Four

The Power Crew

The Ultra Group

The Elite Squad

The Superheroes

The League of Legends

The Champions

The All-Stars

The Winners’ Circle

The MVPs

The Hall of Famers

Team Alpha

The Wolfpack

The Dream Team

The Dominators

The Conquerors

The Dynasty

The Fearless Five

Team Invincible

Squad Goals

Team Supreme

The Phenoms

The Prodigies

The Virtuosos

The Talented Ten

The Perfect 10

The Lucky 13

Sweet 16

Flawless 5

Fearsome Foursome

Triumphant Trio

Double Trouble

Fire and Ice

Thunder and Lightning

Shaq and Kobe

Dynamic Duo

The Three Musketeers

Charlie’s Angels

The Entourage

The Rat Pack

The Crew

The Posse

The Clique

The Circle

The Company

The Band of Misfits

The Island of Misfit Toys

The Breakfast Club

The Scobey Gang

Mystery Inc.

The Force

The Fellowship

The Incredibles

The Infinity Stones

The Elements

The Powderpuff Girls

Destiny’s Child

Girl Squad Names

The Ladies

The Gals

The Gurls

The Girls

The Chicks

The Babes

The Dolls

The Divas

The Queens

The Princesses

The Angels

The Fairies

The Mermaids

The Unicorns

The Butterflies

The Flowers

The Roses

The Lilies

The Daisies

The Sunflowers

The Stars

The Moons

The Planets

The Galaxies

The Sparkles

The Glitters

The Shimmers

The Glow

The Shine

The Radiance

The Diamonds

The Pearls

The Gems

The Jewels

The Rubies

The Sapphires

The Emeralds

The Amethysts

The Opals

The Topaz

The Hearts

The Love

The Kisses

The Hugs

The Cuddles

The Snuggles

The Sweeties

The Cuties

The Pretties

The Beauties

The Charmers

The Flirties

The Crushes

The Dates

The Mates

The Soulmates

The BFFs

The Besties

The Sisters

The Twins

The Triplets

The Quadruplets

The Squad

The Crew

The Team

The Group

The Gang

The Club

The Circle

The Band

The Choir

The Dancers

The Singers

The Actors

The Writers

The Artists

The Designers

The Fashionistas

The Trendsetters

The Influencers

The Bloggers

The Vloggers

The Gamers

The Nerds

The Geeks

The Bookworms

The Brains

The Smarties

The Geniuses

The Bosses

The Leaders

The Legends

The Heroes

The Champions

The Winners

The Victors

The Warriors

The Fighters

The Rebels

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Fortnite Squad Names

Fortnite Legends

Battle Bus Squad

Storm Chasers

Boogie Bombers

RPG Kings

Sniper Elite

Bush Wookies

Impulse Experts

Launchpad Legends

Skybasing Pros

Dusty Divot Dwellers

Anarchy Acres Anchors

Tomato Town Heroes

Loot Lake Loyalists

Tilted Towers Titans

Salty Springs Squad

Pleasant Park Pack

Retail Row Raiders

Greasy Grove Gang

Moisty Mire Marauders

Junk Junction Jousters

Haunted Hills Haunters

Snobby Shores Squatters

Lonely Lodge Lurkers

Shifty Shafts Miners

Flush Factory Fighters

Weeping Woods Wanderers

Lazy Links Loiterers

Frosty Fliers

Polar Peak Pack

Happy Hamlet Hooligans

Frosty Foragers

Snobby Snowmen

Shiver Inn Shredders

Icy Igloos

Frostbite Fanatics

Blizzard Wizards

Ice Kings

Avalanche Avengers

Slippery Sliders

Frozen Legends

Sheriffs of Tilted

Depot Desperados

Dusty Deputies

Salty Sheriffs

Lucky Llamas

Bush Bandits

Boogie Bombers

Bouncy Bandits

Rift Raiders

Storm Surfers

Zone Zealots

Storm Scouts

Golden Guardians


As we’ve seen, squad names run the gamut from clever to cute, fierce to funny. Military and Greek letter names evoke strength and unity, while names based on geek culture and snacks show off your quirky side.

Ultimately, the right squad name will resonate with who you are as a crew. Don’t be afraid to get creative and brainstorm options as a team.

Choose something that captures your shared interests and personality.

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